Supporting Local Schools

We are always looking for new ways to help the community.
Working closely with local schools has always been a keen interest of ours and it’s something we hope to continue to do.
We believe that by sharing a bit of love toward local businesses and organisations, you are not only contributing to the community you reside in – you are helping to protect it & aiding it to thrive in the best ways possible.
Take a look at our displayed brochures/ pictured below of Cowbit St Mary’s Church of England Endowed Primary School.
With great Ofsted reviews – ‘A welcoming and friendly atmosphere and a culture where good teaching and good behaviour flourish’
Not far from our Mill View site in Moulton – so if you have little ones that require a new school, we recommend calling Cowbit St Mary’s Church of England Endowed Primary School to find out more information.
Telephone – 01406 380369
If you have a school local to one of our sites in
Then please feel free to contact us on 01406 490590 so we can help you to spread the word.