Maintenance advice during winter months in your new build home

Homes built in colder periods will initially retain a high quantity of moisture. We would ask that you take the following measures to assist your new home in drying out efficiently.

  • Wherever possible, make sure that vents on all windows and doors are left open and any condensation on the glass or windowsill is wiped away. In warmer months wherever possible, fully open your windows and doors to increase ventilation.
  • Avoid hanging pictures on your outside facing walls for at least 12 weeks.
  • Keep built-in wardrobes and understairs cupboards open for at least 12 weeks to allow that space to ventilate fully.
  • Leave a gap between your furniture and the walls, allowing the air to flow between them and ventilate the walls behind the furniture.
  • Make sure your tumble dryer is correctly ventilated to prevent moisture build up.
  • When cooking, boiling a kettle, taking a shower, or using anything else to produces steam, keep doors closed to prevent moisture in the air reaching colder rooms and causing condensation.
  • If you need to dry clothes inside your home, we recommend you do so in the bathroom with the door closed, the extractor fan on and windows open.
  • Use all extractor fans as much as possible, allowing moist air to ventilate from your home.
  • Try to avoid opening the loft hatch during cold weather to avoid warm air escaping, causing moisture and condensation to occur within the roof space.
  • Ensure your home is sufficiently heated to reduce the likelihood of condensation. Heating at a lower temperature for longer is better than short warm blast of heat.
  • We highly recommend that you do not store items in your roof space.
  • Isolate your outside tap using the isolation valve under the kitchen sink indicated by the yellow tag to prevent damages during frosty weather.

If you have any queries or require any further information, please contact us on [email protected]