Why is Kirton the perfect place to buy a new home in the countryside?

Ah, Kirton! A quaint village that’s not just a dot on the map of Lincolnshire but a place brimming with history, charm, and, let’s not forget, some rather fetching new homes courtesy of us folks at Ashwood Homes. Now, why, you might ask, should Kirton be at the top of your list when hunting for that dream countryside abode? Sit tight, my friend, for I’m about to take you on a little journey through the wonders of this hidden gem.

First off, let’s talk history. Kirton isn’t just any old village; it’s steeped in tales from days gone by. Picture this: a village that was once the seat of Lincolnshire’s first Saxon kings. There’s a bit of regal flair for you! Fast forward to today, and Kirton still retains that old-world charm, with the beautiful church of St Peter & St Paul standing as a testament to the village’s rich heritage. It’s like living in a storybook, but with all the modern comforts, especially when you’re nestled in one of our high-spec homes.

But what’s a village without amenities, eh? Fear not, because Kirton is decked out with everything you need, from cosy pubs for that Sunday roast to convenience stores for your last-minute needs. And let’s not forget the schools, making it a tick-box haven for families.

Now, the cherry on top: our exclusive collection of 2 – 4 bedroom homes at The Spires. We’ve crafted these homes with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that they blend seamlessly with the village’s character while offering you the modern luxuries you’d expect from a high-spec home. Think of it as your countryside retreat with a touch of luxury.

Why buy a New Build in Kirton?

So, why Kirton? It’s simple, really. It’s where history meets modern living, where community feels like family, and where your new home awaits amidst the tranquillity of the Lincolnshire countryside. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to brag about living in a place that once entertained Saxon kings? Now, that’s a story worth telling at your next dinner party, courtesy of your new home at Ashwood Homes.

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