New home, fresh start….

Sales negotiator Jo Sands recently caught up with Ian and Amanda Hood, who have moved from Hertfordshire to start a new life in a new house on Ashwood Home’s development in Crowland.
Here’s what Amanda had to say.

Congratulations on your new home and thank you for choosing to purchase an Ashwood Home. We hope you have settled in well and finding your way around the local area ok?
Moving from Hertfordshire to Crowland, although sounds a long way it really isn’t. We travel back twice a week to do my hairdressing, plus Ian visits his old bus garage to run the snooker and pool club. It has been so lovely that everybody moving in is in the same boat. All friendly and excited to be living in their new houses and making them their own. We already feel like we have a own little community. We are having a ball.

You’re both very fun and outgoing people, we would love to know a little about you and your plans for your future living in Crowland.
We love our ballroom dancing and have already found some lovely friendly tea dances and various dance classes just 20 minutes away. We also love our “Oldies clubbin” nights so we’re on the look out. We still teach our Latin line dance class in Hertfordshire as it fits in perfectly with my hairdressing, but thinking In the future it may be something we could bring to Crowland.

How’s life being a neighbour to your lovely Mum and Dad who also purchased one of our new homes?
Being just three doors away from mum and dad has been such a bonus. It means we can be there for each other without it always having to be pre-planned or an all-day thing, which suits the four of us perfectly. We’ve already done the dressing gown trip to each other’s houses many times for a quick cuppa and catch up. Mum and dad have already joined the bowls club and we’ve all signed up for the local U3A.

Was there something specific that made Ashwood Homes stand out from other developers in the region?
The reason Ashwood Homes stood out was mainly the look and size of the rooms plus the standard of appliances and finish. The layout had everything we needed ie ensuite, kitchen diner, downstairs cloakroom, garage and a good size garden without having to buy a big house, which we didn’t want the upkeep of. The cost was an added bonus as compared to where we lived in Hertfordshire it meant we could pay off our mortgage and Ian retire two years early so we could enjoy our lives while we’re still fit and healthy.

How did you find the process from reservation through to completion?
The process was easy as we sold our house and moved into my daughter’s flat for eight weeks before moving to Crowland. This gave us time to purchase all our lovely new furniture and accessories. Jo and Kathryn were more than happy for us to visit the show home as often as we wanted so we could measure up. Plus they were always available or get back to us straight away with any queries or questions!! Jo kept us updated at all times, even sending photos of our house being built along the way which was so exciting. We actually visited Easter Monday with our hard hats on.

Your home is looking so glamourous and completely reflects your personality. Did you enjoy choosing your interior? What did you think of our range of standard and upgraded options?
There is nothing like buying a new home. Ian carried me over the threshold and we both cried with joy. Fresh paint, new floors, carpets and appliances all ready for our new furniture. The best feeling as everything was what what we had worked for. The builders were still working on other homes around but so friendly and constantly asking us if we’re OK and how we’re we setting in.

How are you getting on using your second bedroom as a dressing room? Have you managed to fit all of your shoes and make up into your big fitted wardrobe
It was great that we could upgrade certain things to suit our needs. Flooring instead of carpet downstairs which suits us better. We also loved the fact that we could have wardrobes fitted before we moved in. I just love my dressing room. I can fit absolutely everything in my wall to wall, floor to ceiling wardrobe. THANK YOU ASHWOOD. We also had floor and under cabinet lighting in the kitchen, chrome sockets where we wanted them and a door from our garage to our garden. Our other joy though was having the whole house painted white.

What was your inspiration for the interior of your home?
My colour scheme inspiration was a cushion I bought with a voucher from my 96-year-old client Hilda. We get on so well that I’ve named the cushion after her. It’s golden yellow with silver hummingbirds , which is my eldest daughter’s favourite too. So then came everything yellow gold, grey, silver and mirrored. A touch of lilac too.